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Shared Folder Protector

Shared Folder Protctor is designed for for corporate usage, help you to protect sharing folders on your network
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20 December 2012

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Folders are generally shared in LAN or Networks so that others can easily have access to necessary items whenever needed. Now as particular files that is shared for only certain number of people can also be seen and used by others who are connected to the network. Therefore you need a product that can share the folders with only limited users and prohibit the rest. And that product could easily be Shared Folder Protector 5.10, which definitely meets your requirements. This software tool helps in securing folders shared over the local or private networks from unauthorized access by leaving password protection on them. So network admin will have a supreme luxury of protecting the folders and limiting the permission of folder access among large work-group in an organization.

Key features that Shared Folder Protector embeds in it are remarkable and have won hearts of many with its job. With strong encryption algorithm that the tool comes with, users who wish to secure the folders can easily do so and prevent others from illegal copying, screen capturing, print screen etc. Meanwhile the point that should be taken granted that using the tool is extremely safe and offers no damage to files in the folders. GUI designed for this program is highly intuitive and necessitates no technical expert knowledge for executing the whole job of securing. As per the auditing and management of all the files properly, the tool exhibits great beneficiary allowing confidential matters to be remained secured. Its compatibility ranges for all file systems such as NTFS, FAT and FAT32 along with OS starting from Windows 98 to latest Windows 8.

Thanks to this encryption application you now have a chance to share confidential business material including business documents and spreadsheets and various media as well as images files. For its great deal of assistance a 3 out of five stars is worthy for it.

Publisher's description

Shared Folder Protctor is designed for for corporate usage, help you to protect your shared folder on netword and on removable device. Users can browser the documents but not able to copy and modify them that lets you prevent illegal copying of your files.
Shared Folder Protctor extends file server access controls with strong end-to-end encryption, allowing administrator to specify access rights for specific groups or individuals. This approach ensures only authorized users can read or modify files, fulfilling requirements for separation of duties,information partitioning and security. With Shared Folder Protctor, organizations can defend their intellectual property, customer and partner data and corporate brand equity.
Password Protect: user will be able to view the encrypted folder, but not allow to copy or modify the files. Administrator has the highest authority to delete, copy and modify any file.
Multi-user Permission Settings: Settings custom permessions for different user group,such as read-only permission, write-only permission.
Rapid Deployment Process: After installing the software on your files server, all the users on the Lan can access your protected folder.
Removable Device Supported: You can also protect folders on flash disk and removeable hard disk. Users can browse the documents, but can able to modify, copy and delete them.
Data protection log: Tracks the protection applied by Shared Folder Protctor within the organization, to assist in satisfying management and auditor requirements.
Shared Folder Protector
Shared Folder Protector
Version 5.10
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